Also known as Hemp oil, CBD is a derivative of the hemp plant that is high in cannabidiol (CBD) and low in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Due to the low concentration of THC in CBD, the traditional high experienced in marijuana is usually absent from CBD.

CBD oil comes in forms of capsules, spray, pates, cream, candies, supplements, and even tinctures. It offers so many medical and therapeutic benefits to the body. CBD also promotes better sleep, fights cancer, improves mood, prevents inflammatory arthritis, and reduces pain.

                 What dosage of CBD oil should I take?

One question no one has provided an answer to is, “How much CBD oil should I take?” Answering this question is quite challenging because the FDA is yet to provide a recommended daily intake of CBD, which implies that there is no one size fit all for CBD users.  However, here are three simple steps to determine the right amount of CBD to take.

  • Estimate your dosage using your body mass: This is very important because people with more body mass are likely to consume higher CBD. A good way to determine your dosage is 1 – 6 MG for every 10 pounds of body weight.
  • Start small: Never compare yourself with other experienced CBD users because everyone body chemistry is different. First, you must determine your body weight, know how it interacts with CBD, and continue to monitor your body reaction to find the right dosage.
  • Find out the CBD concentration in a given product: It is also vital to find out the CBD concentration in a product before use. Usually, CBD is measured in milligrams (mg), while there are some products which contain a high amount of CBD, others might be low.
  • Desired Effect: The desired effect you want to get also goes a long way in determining the right CBD dosage for you. For instance, someone with chronic pains or anxiety may need a higher dosage to get some relief from pain while a person with mild conditions needs a lower dose of CBD to get the desired effect.
  • Check your tolerance level: Your tolerance level goes a long way in determining how much CBD you can dose. An experienced vaper and a beginner are not expected to consume the same amount of CBD because their body tolerance level differs in all rounds.
  • Talk to a Physician: When in doubt of the right amount of CBD to dose, it is recommended that you speak to a physician, especially if you have a history of some pre-medical conditions. While there aren’t so many doctors with knowledge and experience on CBD, most of them should have an idea of how CBD interacts with your body and provide a CBD dosage guide for you.

Finally, although CBD offers so many medicinal and therapeutic benefits to the body, it is vital to note that there is no one size fit all for all cannabis users. However, using the tips above can help you figure out the right dosage for you.